We will spend 45 min - 1 hour with you on Zoom at a scheduled time, troubleshooting some of your garden issues, and providing you with some guidance around resources, tools and techniques appropriate to your context.


We will send you a little questionnaire to fill out prior to the day, and encourage you to pre-prepare some questions to get the most out of our online catch up.


What this session is:

- We will not be able to magically fix all your garden woes, but will provide guidance around finding resources, tools and techniques that match your specific context.


What this session isn't:

- This session is not a full garden design. We will be able to answer questions and advise on solar aspects, but cannot fully design or re-design your garden from Zoom.


Please note: We are only able to offer these within Australian AEST hours. 

1 hour Zoom Garden Coaching Session