Farm It Forward is an urban farming social enterprise model connecting landowners and local young people who are passionate about growing food. The project develops skills and creates training and job opportunities, while tackling social isolation and giving meaning to life, issues for young and old, isolated and less mobile people.

How Farm it Forward Works

In exchange for allowing their land to be used for market gardening, landowners :
  • Receive a weekly box of fresh organically grown veggies, grown on their own property or on other land in the project.

  • Are visited weekly by working groups of young people to establish and maintain organic food production, and enhance cross-generational connections.

  • Have the opportunity to be a part of a community or organic food growers through social media, gatherings and visitation to the large garden plots operated by Farm it Forward

  • The regular help groups allow for new aspiring growers to identify their passion and use the program as a career pathway.

All excess produce is sold to local cafes, restaurants and the local food co-operatives which support the project.

The Benefits

For landowners and young participants