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  • How does the FiF farmgate system work?
    Firstly you will need to subscribe to our email list. This way you will receive a notification when our online farm gate store opens each week on Wednesday afternoons, so you can pre-purchase your veggies from our website until Thursday 6am. Pick up is from the Lyttleton Coop building in Lawson every Thursday 4-6pm at the Mid Mountains Growers Market situated at 1 Badgery Crescent Lawson. Every Thursday from 4-6pm, we are at the Mid Mountains afternoon Growers Market in Lawson from 4-6pm in the Lyttleton Coop building, organised by Rosey Ravelston Bookstore. There, you will find our veggies, Earth Rising mushrooms, other food goodies for sale as well as tea/coffee and even some live music! It is a lovely weekly community gathering so don't miss out. Pre-purchasing is on a first-in-first-served basis, so get in quick as produce is very limited in Spring and Autumn (it is a rather lean period for all veggie growers). Our harvests will grow exponentially as we go into Summer/Winter. Our beautiful regeneratively grown veggies are sold to you very affordably as they are 100 % grown and sold direct by us farmers to you and you are supporting a not-for-profit social enterprise!
  • Can I become a Farm It Forward landowner?
    We are at capacity for growing plots at present but you can still get in touch and go on our waiting list. We are a small enterprise and, as such, are limited in our capacity to respond individually to all inquiries. If you are a landowner wanting to go on our waiting list, please note the following requirements: - The plot must be in the Blue Mountains, NSW - Its size must be at least 100 square metres - The plot must be easily accessible by vehicles (for set-up and harvest this is essential) - The plot must be “more or less” flat - The plot must have an easily accessible water source Due to logistics of harvesting and care, we manage vegetables growing plots in the mid-Blue Mountains area only (Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson) at present. We are seeking more funding so we can expand further, but for now this is what our team can manage realistically. We want to care for our plots well. If we install more plots than we have people on our team, it would not be sustainable for us to manage them well. We want to do a good job maintaining the land we take on.
  • Can I come along to a volunteer session?
    Yes! Our community volunteer sessions are held on Monday afternoons from 2pm on a different plot each week. We announce them each week on Facebook and Instagram. Send us a FB or Insta message if you want to come along and we will message you the address. Volunteers get to pick veggies to take home, get some very useful skills and experience growing food, a cup of team, and a really lovely, inclusive environment.
  • What is a 50/50 plot?
    Thanks to help from Blue Mountains city council, we were able to establish '50/50 plots' where we actively helped set up a vegetable garden in the backyards of vulnerable members of the community and regularly provide help, guidance and seedlings in return for any excess produce they may have. If you are in a a low income household, you or someone in your household has a disability, or you are a single parent of small children, we may be able to help. Get in touch :)
  • What does 'regeneratively grown' mean?
    We use absolutely no synthetic sprays, pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, not even 'certified organic' ones. We replenish organic matter in our soil with composted manures, compost and worm castings, nothing more, nothing less. We have so far regenerated over 1.5 acres of soil to health, allowing it to store carbon and grow nutrient-dense food.
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