PLEASE NOTE: we are at capacity for growing plots at present. You can still get in touch and go on our waiting list, but we are a small enterprise and, as such, are limited in our capacity to respond individually to all inquiries.

It is not possible for us to install more plots than we have people on our team as it would not be sustainable for us to manage them well. We want to do a good job maintaining the land we take on.

To help us, please complete the following short survey so that we can direct your inquiry as efficiently as possible.

If you are a landowner wanting to go on our waiting list, please note the following requirements:

  • The plot must be in the Blue Mountains, NSW
  • The plot size of a market garden must be at least 20 square metres
  • The plot must be easily accessible by vehicles (for set-up and harvest this is essential)
  • The plot must be “more or less” flat
  • The plot must have an easily accessible water source

If you are looking for a garden consult, design or installation please use our Services page instead.

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